About us

The national team of IFES Passion Week is the initiator of this project and supports the organisation of the Passion Weeks through keeping close contact with the student committees and encouraging them. This ties in with our vision, where we, for and by students, look for answers to the big questions, with a focus on both the head and the heart.

Ons team

The team that directly supports the local Passion Weeks currently consists of Nicole, Daniel, Gerson and Inge. Together we think about our vision, and how this can be worked out in practice for the weeks themselves.

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National team

To keep the overview overa all the Passion Weeks, we have support in the national team from Solomon, Tiemen, Marieke and Joël. They make sure we stay critical and each have their own contribution.

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Part of IFES

The Passion Week is part of the IFES group. Our vision is to help student thrive in community, shaped by the Gospel, so that they have and impact on campus, in the church and in society, to the glory of God. Within the IFES group, the various projects shape and flesh out our vision in their own way. We do this from the same basic attitude. We go to the students and we listen to their questions. From an equal attitude we enter into discussions, we think along and we ask questions.

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